Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Project Life: Week 3

Week Three of Derek's album.  Includes his first visit with Grandma and Grandpa and playtime on his playmat.  I used more manila shipping tags, an item that is quick and easy and will be a staple throughout this album.  I also used one of the printable quotes I designed :)


Monday, May 13, 2013

New 365 Printable/ Digital Files

Now that I am home during the day I am busy working away on new printable/ digital files for my Etsy shop when I get free moments here and there :)  Here is the latest and greatest just in time for Summer!  Great for scrapbooking, project life, invitations, birthday party decor, cards you name it!

Each set is only $1.95 and includes printable and digital files.  Expect the papers which are just digital files but can be printed onto 8 x 11.5 paper.


Monday, May 6, 2013

Project Life: Week 2

The next week in the life of little Derek :)

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Project Life: Week 2

Here is a look at his first week home.  Looking at this now it seems so long ago...none of the clothes in the pictures even fit him now :) 

I just realized it may be confusing cause I titled this 'Week 2' and the actual page says 'Week 1'.  I started counting with the first week he was home in his album so I will match the titles from now on to make it less confusing :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Project Life: Week One

I am finally ready to start sharing pages from Project Life/ Derek's baby book!!  Each week is a two page layout.  I upload the pics a month at a time to Shutterfly ( which is the only place I have found to print photos that are close in color and quality to what I am actually shooting!) and write down notes and stories in a notebook I keep handy, then match them up when I am putting the pages together.  I also take a lot more pictures with my phone, and just upload those too.   I am loving this type of scrapbooking and it is now part of my routine :)  More layouts to come this week.

Here is a look at the week he was born!!


Thursday, April 11, 2013

The urge to purge...

I have got the urge to purge and paint everything white. With spring on it's way ( i live in Michigan so it's taking it's sweet time, but it is coming eventually!), a new baby, a tighter budget ( and by tighter I mean almost non existent!), and the prospect of having to possibly move into a smaller space ( see aforementioned tighter budget ) I find myself wanting a fresh start. Out with some of the old, tired, boring stuff we've had for ten years and all the things we have too many of and don't use. Sell it. Donated it. Dump it. I don't really care how it goes. Everything else I find myself wanting to paint white to freshen it up and give myself a neutral palette to work with. Now, again with the budget, so I have to preform any home decor improvements on the cheap, and my cheap I mean free :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A new feature

I am excited to introduce a new feature called midnight ramblings.  In which, I blog from my phone on whatever thoughts are roaming through my mind in the wee hours of the night/ morning as I am feeding the little one.  This might mean that they lack grammar or sentence structure. Heck, they might not make any sense at all :) But I thought it would be a fun way to clear my thoughts and document my life as a night owl!