Saturday, January 23, 2010


So as of recently (the last few months) I have started doing puzzles. I am addicted, once I start one it is VERY hard to tear myself away. I like to pick puzzles that are semi challenging but not so much that I get frustrated with them. 500-750 pieces is about my speed and about as big as the table I have to work on. I love colorful ones the most and I would like to stress that I DO NOT FRAME THEM and hang them on my walls. I just like to put them together then take them apart, put them back in the box and put them up in the game closet til next time. Here are some of my favorites from various companies. I think I want to do the button puzzle next. Below is the one I am working on now. Any other puzzle fans out there? :)

Working on this one now, called "Fall Frolic" by Masterpieces Puzzles

The next three are from the White Mountain Puzzle Co.

These four are from Springbok Puzzles.
This is the one I want to do next!


The last two are from Masterpiece Puzzles as well.
Love the bug still in his mouth :)

Yes, this one glows in the dark. I wonder how hard it would be to put it together in the dark?

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