Saturday, March 20, 2010

golden books.

Who doesn't remember Little Golden Books!? I used to have a HUGE collection of these as a kid. I might still have some of them stashed somewhere with other childhood toys. Seeing them brings back a warm, fuzzy feeling :) These were some of my favorites, although I am sure there were many, many more. As an adult I really love the artwork and overall feeling of the books...I would love to take the covers/pages and convert them into a sketch book or journal somehow...hmm.
What's inspiring you today? Did you have any favorite Golden Books?
Have a relaxing Saturday everyone!

*all images and books can be found at amazon


  1. I had a ton of these growing up too! My mom still has them at her house for the grandchildren (otherwise I would steal them for my kids). ;)

    When I had my first, I ended up going on eBay and finding a lot of Golden Books for purchase for cheap. Totally worth it. Though there were some weird stragglers in there like Pound Puppies and Inspector Gadget. Funny to remember them, but not what I would call quality literature for kids.

    Jumped over here to check out your blog in the middle of the indie biz chat. LOL.

  2. Awww I Love Little Golden Books! The Pokey Little Puppy was one of my favorites too:)

  3. I think I loved tootle...hmmm who knows...Marlana did not enjoy books