Thursday, March 18, 2010

March DIY : free mini cookbook

This is a super quick and easy way to organize random recipe cards you have laying around, you know the ones that fall out when you are looking for a cookbook in your cupboard? Or it is a good excuse to gather new ones :)

You will need:

recipe cards, indexcards
patterned paper
hole punch or crop-a-dile
keychain ring or binder ring (not sure what exactly they are called but you will see the picture)
letter stickers
other embellishments
paper trimmer or scissors

Step 1: Gather recipe cards from your local supermarkets. Most of them have little racks here and there and offer them for free! Or, you can use your own recipe cards or index cards.

Step 2: cut to pieces of your patterned paper the same size as your recipe cards. (note the keyring here, this is the best type to use)

Step 3: punch a hole in the top left of each recipe card. I would use one with a hole already in it to line up the next one I was punching like shown above, til they all have a little hole.

Step 4: punch holes in your front and back cover. Make sure that when you do this you hold them wrong side together, otherwise your back cover will have a hole on the wrong side!

Step 5: decorate your cover. I simply wrote cook on the front and added a strip of striped patterned paper below it. Then I added a flourish sticker and inked the edges. I also inked the back cover's edges, but that's all I did for the back.

Step 6: use your ring to hook them all together.

Step 7: enjoy your cute new mini cookbook! You can hang it on a hook in the kitchen or cupboard and add more cards to it as you collect them. Also, you can make divider cards for each section if you wish, I didn't because these are already color coded. Have fun!!

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