Thursday, April 8, 2010

healthy spring shrimp alfredo.

You will need (2 servings):

1/2 bunch of asparagus (chopped into 1" bits)
1 roma tomato
2/3 cup frozon peas, thawed out
1 clove minced garlic
16-20 pre-cooked medium sized shrimp, tails removed
1 1/2 cups penne pasta
1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp flour
2/3 cup milk
1/4 cup evaporated milk
various dried herbs of your choice
olive oil
1/4 c. parmesan or asiago cheese, shredded (can use more or less depending on your tastes)
salt and pepper

What to do:

1. Heat some olive oil in a sautee pan over medium heat, then add in asparagus and cook until they start to brown up, remove from pan.

2. Start boiling your pasta water. Meanwhile chop your tomato and mix with a little olive oil, herbs, and salt and pepper in a bowl for the bruchetta topping.

3. Keeping pan with oil from asparagus over medium heat, add garlic and cook 1-2 min. Then add butter and let it melt.

4. Once melted add in flour and stir, then let cook for another minute or so. Stir in your milk and let it reduce, cooking for a couple minutes.

5. Add pasta to water and boil according to package directions when water is ready. Add evaporated milk and shredded cheese. Stir and let cook a few more minutes.

6. Add peas, shrimp, and asparagus into the alfredo sauce, and let cook a couple more minutes.

7. Drain pasta when it's done and add it to the sautee pan mixing everything together.

8. Dish into pasta bowls and top with bruchetta topping. EAT!!!

So what makes this healthy you might ask? Well, instead of using lots of butter and heavy cream like traditional alfredo you use evaporated milk which is very low in fat and calories and gives you the same creamy consistency. That and veggies and seafood are always healthy!

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