Monday, April 5, 2010

monday, monday.

Today was a GREAT Monday! We have been having the most beautiful weather here in Michigan (although because it is Michigan and April, I don't see it lasting). I took a great walk in the park with my pooch Lou today and everything is just a bit greener than it was on Thursday and I saw 25 turtles sunning themselves on the logs.

I also cleaned the house, and partially cleaned my studio, and organized some computer files. I went grocery shopping and bought two new pairs of summery pants.

My favorite part about today was finding out that my apartment complex is putting in a community garden this year and I can get a plot for free!!!! I am going to a meeting on Wednesday night to find out all the details and see how big it will be...but in honor of having more growing room with real sunlight I started more seedlings!! I did beefsteak tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, onions, and bell peppers...I think my new gardening adventures are one of things I am most excited about this year!!

The other this I am excited about is the amount of shows I will be doing this summer. I just got accepted into the Southeast Michigan Art Fair at Ferndale High School in May...more details to come on the shows I am doing. I will be adding them to the side of my blog as I find out which ones I am doing!!

My friend Nicole should be here any minute to have a girls night complete with wine, roasted veggie pizza, and The Notebook :) So Happy Monday!!!

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  1. Hello, fellow IndieBiz classmate! Lovin' your blog and can tell that you've been working on it!!!

    I happen to love Mondays, too. Especially Mondays when I get a ton of stuff accomplished!! Seems like it just sets the tone for the rest of the week. If I get behind on Monday, I'm usually behind for the rest of the week.

    But, my Monday (yesterday) was terriffic. Got lots of check marks on my "to do" list. Hope your Tuesday is a good one, too.

    xo, Cathy