Thursday, May 6, 2010

collections: kitchen gadgets.

I have been wanting to do a post for some time now about collections of things I have seemed to acquire :) Instead of doing one big post, I decided to do a mini series of post, each one about a different collections of mine. They will be posted over the next couple weeks and all will have collections as the with out further ado the first collection I would like to share is one of my favorites!!

vintage/antique kitchen gadgets and utensils

this collection started when my Grammy passed away and I found some nifty old kitchen gadgets in her stuff and thought 'hmm that would be something fun to collect', and so I did. Right now it all sits in a cupboard as I have no space to display it, but its one of those things that will be a special treat when I move into our first house!!

the complete collection includes: a yellow plastic/glass hand chopper (grams), a wooden pepper grinder, a lemon juicer (grams), a corkscrew, a pasta utensil, a ceramic pitcher (moms), an old root beer bottle, an add-o-matic (grams), an egg slicer (grams), and a star-shaped cookie cutter.

this one is my FAVORITE, as you push the buttons while grocery shopping it keeps track of how much you spend! I just use my cell phone calculator and keep this hidden away, but I love knowing that Gram was all about shopping on a budget too :)

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