Thursday, May 13, 2010


well it's late's time for a giveaway!! this is really the first one I have done on my blog and I am super excited :) the prize is a 365 journal kit that is ready and waiting for your thoughts, sketches, memories, and photos. it has a jump ring binding making it easy for you to punch your own photos/ memorabilia/ paper and add it to the journal.

to be entered for the giveaway just leave a comment of your favorite memory with your grandma/ gran/ grammy/ nana/ and so forth :) and I will draw one at random. you have until the end of Friday to enter.

grandmas's attic kit includes:

28pg starter journal
5 paper squares
5 collage bits
3 tags
1 fabric swatch
3 fleur de lis brads
3 special embellishments
1 postcard
10 buttons
1 chipboard clock
12 letters
3 lengths of ribbon
paper reinforcers

**again we had a rainy dreary day and I am not one to brave cold and rain for photos when I know nice weather is coming :( but look for take a walk tuesday to return next week**


  1. My Great-Granny was a very religious woman, and when she couldn't live by herself anymore she went to live with her daughter, my MeeMee. Now MeeMee always had a lot of people in the house, including a lot of teenagers. It always made me smile when my Great-Granny heard someone swear, she'd make the loudest little tsk-tsk and stare down the wrong-doer. She was so much fun... I loved her and miss her!

  2. My favorite memory with my grandma is when she taught me how to crochet!
    She is great at it, can do it with her eyes closed. I on the other hand was a squirmy 10 year old :)

  3. What an amazing giveaway! I love it!
    My favourite memory with my granny Elsie was going round to her house and helping her bake - I didn't really do much but stood in awe as she created delicious swiss rolls, sponge cakes and all sorts of other treats. The best part was being given the spoon to lick the yummy mixture off - we called it 'lickies'. Granny Elsie was brilliant at baking and cooking - if only she had passed that skill onto me...hehe. I miss her!
    Love from

  4. My favorite memory of my grandma is when we had apple parties: we would slice up a bunch of apples and eat them with cheese!

    spectraldrgn at yahoo dot com

  5. My Grandma totally taught my brother & I how to make shrinky dinks. How cool is that!?!?!?

  6. I hope I win! I've never won a giveaway!

    My favorite memory with my Gramere is when she had me stay a week with her in her West Virginia cottage. She taught me to weave on a giant loom and we held out seeds until chickadees landed on our hands.

  7. My Favorite Memory with my dads mum is when she used to make me bake Banana Muffins. I used to hate baking and she started in me a love of baking...however to this day I HATE making Banada muffins Yuck!!! My favorite memory with Mums Mum was when I was about eight and my Grandma Jean is not one that is big on a lot of outdoors activity her idea of a good time is the shopping mall. But this day on the way to the mall my grandma started to get silly and actually chased my sister and I through the trees. It did not last long that but memory will be with me longer after the money she gives is spent!!
    Signed Lady_Cregga

  8. What a great journaling kit! Found you thru smile and wave :)
    My fav memory of my Mema is going to yard/garage sales with her. She is the QUEEN! We had a wonderful time last year when we had the day hunting for treasures and I hope to do it again soon :) Thanks for the walk done memory lane ;D

  9. my favorite memory of my grandma was when there was a squirrel on the birdfeeder and she insisted it was some type of small dog.

    "no, grandma, that's a squirrel.."
    "noo, that doesn't look like any squirrel i've ever seen.. he has a long beak like a dog."

  10. I have so many great Nana and Grandma memories. It would be hard to choose. My Nana lived with me for 10 years and she was one of the closest people in the world to me. I used to spend hours in her room drawing her pictures and eating her forbidden treats that my mom wouldn't let me have. She would tell me stories and we'd laugh and watch Father Dowling Mysteries together. And Murder She Wrote. LOTS of Murder She Wrote actually. LOL. She passed away a few years ago and I still miss her to this day. She would have gotten a real kick out of my kids.