Saturday, May 29, 2010

planet give.

here is your DIY for the month of May.
it is super cute and simple to make!
I put it under planet give because I am making mine for a special little boy who will be turning three on June 1st and thought it would make the perfect gift, as he loves to play store :)
the coolest part is being able to change the colors and embellishments to fit the likes of the person you are making it for.
mine is blue, red, and orange with a cute puppy dog on the front.

You will need:
3 sheets of different colored felt (the generic craft store size)
small pieces (no more than 2") of felt in light and dark brown
small pieces (talkin really tiny here) of black and white felt
embroidery floss in black, orange, blue and brown
a snap closure
a big plastic button

a front view of the finished product.

the inside view of the finished project.

I will have a pdf file available soon with full instructions and a pattern for the felt pieces very soon, next week I am thinking. but for now here is what to do:

1. cut your felt. blue:4"x9.5". red: 3.75"x9.25", 3.25"x1.5". orange: 3 pcs. each 2"x4".
2. for the dog, I would wait for the pattern or go by looking at the pictures here. he is 2" tall.
3. stitch one of the orange squares onto the red piece of felt in the position shown. start with the underneath pocket. stitch both sides and the bottom leaving the top open.
4. stitch the other two orange pockets on in the same way, using the photo for positioning.
5. sew the face, eyes, and nose onto the dog.
6. sew the dog and ears onto the front of the blue felt. fold the wallet in half to get a good idea of where to put him.
7. sew the snap to the end of the small red strip. you can also sew the big button onto the other side, it is not functional and just looks cool. then sew that red strip onto the back of the wallet when folded in half.
8. with the wallet in half fold over the red strip to see about placing the snap side that goes onto the front of the wallet and sew it on.
9. feel free to personalize with a name or other decorative embroidery.
10. sew the red felt piece onto the inside of the blue felt piece. sew on both sides and the bottom leaving the top open for money.
11. now fold it in half, snap it shut and give it to someone special :)


  1. This little wallet project is so cute! I'll have to try one! Have a great holiday weekend!

  2. This is going to be my "memorial day" project!! SO cute.