Tuesday, May 4, 2010

short work day.

Good Tuesday morning to all of you :) I overslept this morning, one of those I woke up and thought "oh I can fall back asleep for a half hour or so" and then woke up 2 1/2 hours later...hehe. But, on the up side I do have a short day of work today and I get to take the kids I nanny for to Jump City. For anyone unfamiliar with this place, it is an indoor place with a few different rooms that have tons of huge bouncy moonwalks with slides and tunnels and such...super fun!

Since I have a short work day I plan on getting in some good studio time today, yesterday I worked 11 hours and got nothing done :) Check back in later for Take a Walk Tuesday, a new knitting project I started, and possible some Etsy updates. Also getting a recipe together, and some photos of my various collections for posts later this week. I am feeling very bloggy today! Until later...

take time to stop and smell the pretty posies

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