Monday, June 14, 2010

i get to have a barn wedding.

I can't say that I have always dreamed of a barn wedding, but from the moment I saw pictures of them and heard of them I wanted one :) And now I get to have one!!! We went to check out a place called the Hayloft in rural Pennsylvania this weekend and it couldn't be more perfect! It was a 6 hour road trip that we took, leaving Saturday morning. We got there, checked out the grounds and building, the local town, and then went to a fundraiser held in the barn. The food was great, the play they put on was hilarious, and the whole thing is family owned and operated, which I LOVE! We got lost in farm country at night, had a flat tire on Sunday morning when we went to leave, and had the craziest flavored chicken wings was a fun trip!! So, here are some photos from our trip...enjoy :)

they let us stay in this cute country cabin room which was quaint and cozy!

wow do we look sleepy! I told you that bed was cozy!

they had free horse-drawn carriage rides at the fundraiser :)

a view of the grounds. we get to have bon-fires at the wedding too!!

not the best picture but this is the inside of the 125 yr old barn. It is beautiful and huge!

Thank you readers for all of your congratulations, we are very happy and excited!! Please share wedding ideas and inspiration if you have can't have too much inspiration!


  1. omg so so gorgeous.... LOVE!
    I want to hear about who will be shooting your wedding!

  2. LOVE IT danielle!!!!!!!!
    - linds

  3. Love. love. love. I can hardly wait. It is going to be the best wedding EVER! (yes, i said ever). ~Suzie

  4. Wow! that place looks sooo great! Your wedding will be incredible!