Tuesday, July 20, 2010

happy tuesday :)

happy tuesday guys and gals :) I am with the kiddies today and we are playing with modeling clay and I took some pictures with my phone (hence the blurriness as I do not have a super phone) to share with you! Also, I know I mentioned in my studio saturday post that I was going to be doing a "you are what you eat" feature this week on the blog...however I have decided to post pone that until next week mainly because I am so busy with the tour de summer class and my show that is coming up this Friday and Saturday that I am simply not cooking :) look for Take a Walk Tuesday later tonight...have a great day!!!

this is 8 yr old Ben's. it depicts a scene of Medusa (on the left) getting beheaded, then some other fighting type scene on the right (notice his hands positioning the chopped off head in someones hands :) oh boy.)

this is 6 yr old Josie's. there is a flower with a sun and cloud on the left. a heart, a smiley face, a mushroom, a heart with an arrow, and of course mickey mouse :)

this is mine. a plain old boring scene with a gnome, two toadstools, a tree, and a river with a fish jumping out of it :) how fun!

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