Thursday, July 8, 2010

take a walk tuesday non-winner.

well boo. there is no winner for last weeks take a walk tuesday photo identification challenge. but never fear, for I will come up with something else in which to give away the wonderful prize (a camping/outdoor photo journal kit :) which brings me to my next question readers....

what do you want to see from 365?

afterall, as much as I love doing this blog, it really is for all of you out there. its a way to share creative ideas from everyday life and I want you to enjoy it the most!!! So, I am asking everyone if they would please leave a comment about what posts you enjoy the most or what new things you might like to see more of on 365, and then I will come up with a plan to best fulfill those wishes :)


  1. I do love Take a walk Tuesday...please keep :)

  2. Danielle. I love all of it. I appreciate the time and care that you put into all of your posts. It is VERY well done, especially the whole new 365 theme and layout. Creative indeed.