Tuesday, July 20, 2010

tour de summer registration.

so today is the day that registration begins for 365's first class of Planetary Proportions. look for some sneak peak photos of the projects later today (**updated--I am keeping this post on top for now for easy finding, however new posts are still being added, just scroll down**)!

the class spots are now available for purchase. all you need to do is click on the 'buy now' button in the left sidebar!!


I will be your tour guide for this six week class. it features fun, simple, and inexpensive projects that are inspired by, you guess it, Summer! we will be taking a tour of the planets, focusing on one planet per week each with four projects. there will be 24 projects in total and 2 live chats! all of the projects are easy enough for beginners and will include step-by-step instructions with printable patterns where necessary.
NOTE: this class does not include supplies, however each project is relatively inexpensive and uses many items you already might own. in addition, there will be an optional $20 supply kit which I will share more about later.


produce stamps (using REAL vegetables), flower bouquet (felt, fabric, and button styles), seed paper, pressed flower notebook, used books jewelry box, knit woven placemat, pennsylvania dutch embroidery project, sailing flag banner, popsicle finger puppets, summer photo book (using your favorite summer photos), faerie house, board game, knot necklace, ribbon clips (5 sytles), sweater skirt (using an old sweater), craft apron, marine-life cards, mens gift (most likely a wallet), recycled change purse (using old plastic bags), baby gift (a rattle or blanket of sorts), silverware dishtowel hooks, summer drink recipe cards, kettle collage, tomato season recipe cards!

here is a sample of what your project sheets will look like! (complete with patterns and instructions of course :) they will be printable .pdf files.


--the class is 6 weeks in length and runs from August 8, 2010-September 18, 2010

--the class is in blog format. this means that each week there will be four posts (sun, tues, thurs, sat) each containing a project, photos, and instructions. After being posted it will be added to a complete list of projects in the blog sidebar, and will be available for one year.

--supplies: there will be a complete supply list available on the website that you will gain access to once you register. they are mostly thrifted, common household, or inexpensive craft items. there will also be an optional $20 supply kit that you can purchase that will have various items you will need that are all precut and ready to go. details for that can be found on the class blog as well.

--there will be two live chats. one 3 weeks into the class, and one at the end.

--you will gain access to the private blog 24 hours after registering. there you will find a supply list, a welcome post, and details about the $20 supply kit.

--one of the great things about this class is that you can follow along at your own pace. there are four projects per week, but everything is available for a year. also many of the instructions and patterns are printable so you don't have to have your computer in front of you to complete them.


--class fee is $45.00 USD

--you can use the 'BUY NOW' paypal button on the left sidebar or you can purchase through my Etsy shop. All major credit cards excepted.

--if you have any questions please email me at three_six_five@hotmail.com


  1. I hope your class goes well! It sounds like it'll be a ton of fun :)

    Love and Turtledoves,

  2. this seems like such a fun class. your blog is so beautiful too :)

    i'm glad to have found you.
    love, amy

  3. Your class looks like SO much fun! I'm putting it on my wishlist now. :) So glad to see you featured on FN again and hopefully I'll see you at Maker's Faire in a couple of weeks (still trying to talk the hubby into this one).

  4. wow sounds like an awesome class!!
    visiting from FN. Love your blog!

    x0 Laura

  5. Sounds like fun!

    I love the ruffled onesie in your shop!

    Found you via Freckled Nest.

  6. I love your blog so much! I love the idea of "planets"

  7. I agree with Justinee, like the planets! And your felt owl is so cute.

  8. I found you from fn too. Your class looks really fun! Also in your shop those onsies are so adorable!! I have 15 month old b/g twins and my daughter would be so sweet in them. I might just have to order her one... and maybe a frog for her brother.

  9. This is the first time for me to see your blog, I came over from Freckled Nest. Your blog design is super cute! Love it!
    -Andrea Marie

  10. Oh my goodness, I LOVE your shop!!
    All the owls are so sweet!
    :) Jamie

  11. yay! What a fun class that will be!

  12. Oh, wow! that looks like an awesome class! Definitely on my list to sign up for : )

  13. Oh wow! This sounds like so much fun! Now to convince the hubby I need to sign up for this.... hmmm... banana bread should do it... :o)

  14. Visiting from Freckled Nest.

    You have a great blog and some great ideas :)

  15. I'm so booked for the summer but this class sounds like a lot of fun. Good luck with it!

  16. So glad to have found you via Freckled Nest--yoru class sounds like SO much fun. Such a great idea for a creative blog.
    Sarah M