Monday, May 16, 2011

bird nerd.

i am definitely a bird nerd. i love to watch for them in the back yard and one my long drive to work in the morning/ afternoon. they are also my favorite animal to draw and paint. something about them just facinates me! this weekend was a good birding weekend :)

Red-tailed Hawk

saw one of these babies this morning on my ride to work. now i look for and see hawks/ falcons in the trees quite often driving down the highway. however, this morning was unique. i saw him in the sky, hovering and flapping his wings in a strange way, then all of a sudden he dive bombed the median and swooped up a mouse!! it was so cool!!

Blue Jay

i see these a few times a week in my back yard, however it is still always fun to spot one. they are so bright and beautiful.


this is a rare bird to spot, although looking at it's bright plumage you might not think so. dave actually spotted this one amongst the trees in the back yard. there were two females with him too. not sure the next time i will see one, but very very cool!

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