Thursday, May 12, 2011

gone to the greenhouse.

today i took my first trip to the greenhouse :) i went to turner's which is not too far from our new home and it was my first visit to this particular place. overall they had a great herb selection and decent flower and veggie selection. they focus a little more on pre-planted pots and larger trees and perennials, but overall it was wonderful! i will also be doing a hanging pot of asparagus fern/ begonias/ assylum soon in addition to poblano peppers on the back deck!!

ground cover that was already in place from the owner's of the house, just bloomed this week!

daffodils in place from the owners. i prefer the ones with the orange centers.

my first planter on the front porch. i spray painted the container to bring out the bright green in the coleus. there are three coleus in the center with eight red inpatients around the edges.

i am making an herb corner on my back deck!! here we have sweet basil and english thyme.

lettuces of all kinds. arugula and pepper cress specifically.

sweet peas. they are really growing! wondering when we will have actual peas :)

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