Wednesday, September 21, 2011

long time gone.

sometimes i just can't believe how fast a month can go by.  but alas that is the last time i posted as my life has been a whirl wind of travel trying to kick our first two urban folk art shows into gear. enough with the excuses though, i am back :)  

i wanted to comment quickly on all the new interfaces out there on various sites.  first pandora switched theirs, which i found out this morning, still not sure what i think.  second, facebook is trying to monkey with things again and i wish they would just leave well enough alone.  third, as we speak i am writing my first blog post from the new blogger interface. i think i like it, it's cleaner and more streamlined, but only time will tell.

here are a few things you can look for over the next week or so. 
     ** scrapbook page post
     ** a garden update as the season comes to an end
     ** a recipe and photos of a new kind of chili i am anxious to try out
     ** a tribute post to my favorite season
     ** my birthday celebration
     ** introduction of my second and newest line of digital designs

so stay tuned!!

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