Thursday, October 27, 2011

boston butt roast=bbq pork.

one of my cooking goals lately has been to venture into the world of cooking large cuts of meat.  i am trying to accoplish this for many reasons. 1. the meat tends to be juicier, 2. it is less expensive, 3. i get multiple meals out of one day of cooking.  this is what i chose to cook this past weekend.

start with a 4 lb. boston butt roast (also known as a bone-in pork shoulder) and preheat your oven to 250 degrees.

using your favorite seasoning/ rub (i used a blend of rib rub, sage, savory, fennel seed, and brown sugar) generously cover all sides of the roast. meanwhile pre-heat a few tablespoons of oil in a dutch oven over med heat.

once the oil is thoroughly heated, sear meat on all sides, cooking approximately 4-5 per side or until meat releases from the pan on its own

it should look similar to the photo above on all sides. from here add one cup of beef broth to the pan and put it in the pre-heated oven for 3 hours.

when the three hours is up, take it out of the oven and let it rest for about 30 minutes.  

once it is cool start shredding it into smaller pieces.  you can do this one of two ways, using your hands (this is my preferred method) or using two forks (my husband's method).

your finished product should look like this. voila! pork butt! now depending on how you want to use it you can move on to the last step or you can store/ use it as is.

now i love, love, love bbq pulled pork sandwiches and that is why i made this roast in the first place :) i made my own bbq sauce out of the pan-drippings/ broth and added a bunch of random hodge-podge ingredients that i neglected to write down (sorry!) you can add whatever your favorite sauce is and stir it and heat til sauce is warmed through.  then scoop it onto a bun (add cheese, coleslaw, and/or pickles, if you prefer) and take a big ole saucy bite!

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