Thursday, October 20, 2011

frozen perfection.

these photos are actually from a couple months ago when i was in carmel, indiana in august.  heidi, bree, and i were walking around downtown carmel when we happened upon a butterfly that had died and was perfectly preserved in the middle of the sidewalk.  not sure why we chose to keep it, but it seemed to beautiful to leave on the street.

upon returning to our hotel room i wanted to get some photos this creature up close.  you can probably see it in some of the photos, but the wings started to deteriorate from us handling them.  we decided we wanted to learn the best way to preserve a butterfly should any of us happen upon one at some other point in our lives.  turns out that you cannot touch it with your fingers and should use tweezers to move it using the body.  from there gently pin down the wings and place it in the freezer.  you can remove it and put it on display after a couple days.  add this to the bank of knowledge :)

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