Wednesday, November 16, 2011

my happy place.

hello again :) these past two weeks have been nothing short of crazy and to make a very long story short, it is with a heavy heart that I am announcing that I will no longer be a part of the urban folk art family. i do believe that this decision is for the best and that my heart and passion lie in working with children and as an artist, not in event/ show promotion and planning.  that said, my new "office" so to speak is now the spare bedroom in my house that I use as my studio, and I have been doing a bit of cleaning and reorganizing and thought it would be fun to share the space with you all.  enjoy the tour :)

my hefty yarn collection that continues to grow.

 a wonderful dresser left here by the owners that offers plentiful storage.

 a vintage suitcase for when i need to take projects on the go and mae, my granny chic owl creation.

 another piece of furniture from the owner's where all my scrapbook supplies live.

 i have two shelves above my desk that hold supplies and files and such. organization is key :)

 the view from my window out over the neighborhood.

stamps, markers, pens, a tray of trinkets, tape, glue and other basic supplies for all things crafty.

my main work space. i usually work on the laptop not the dinosaur that sits behind it.  i also have another table that forms an L shape with this desk that i use to scrapbook on.  coffee is usually always in the picture too :)

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