Sunday, November 20, 2011

a secret project.

so i have a secret to share with everyone.  come closer. closer. we don't want just anyone to over hear this juicy tidbit of news.  ok. great. now you have to promise you won't tell anyone. promise? good.

**my husband and i are trying to have a baby**

now that you know, i will also disclose that i have indulged in the guilty pleasure of starting to gather pretty things for my future tiny human beings room. the colors i have chosen are pretty gender neutral and for those who know me, probably not at all surprising.  i have also started crocheting a blanket.  i love love love circles, and they are one of the only things i can crochet so that is the base for the blanket.  when it is finished it will look similar to the last photo here, but all sewn together.

i will keep you all updated on this journey and share some of the other goodies i have bought soon. until then, wish us luck!

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