Thursday, February 2, 2012


i said i wanted to get honest and real so here goes.

as i shared a couple of months ago, my husband and i are trying to get pregnant (well not right this minute of course, as that would make typing this quite difficult :)  for some, this may seem like one of those personal life moments that you shouldn't share with the online community, but for me, i could care less and never really could keep a secret!

so i don't really have a plan of how i want to share this crazy, weird, exciting, sometimes frustrating journey. but i have added a new button in the sidebar where all baby-making, eventually pregnant (fingers crossed!) posts can be found.

that said, i will start by saying that we are going on month six of what i have now learned is called ttc (trying to conceive).  each month is a crazy roller coaster of hope, excitement, and yes some disappointment.  i would be lying if i said it isn't on my mind a lot and that i am getting somewhat anxious and impatient. 

oh, here is another secret. it absolutely drives me nuts when people tell me to relax ( i said i was impatient, not high strung!) and that it will happen when we stop thinking about it and trying.

NEWS FLASH:  YOU HAVE TO TRY TO GET JIGGY WITH IT TO GET PREGNANT!! unless of course immaculate conception runs in your family...

and you can't just "forget" that you are trying to get pregnant and ready to start a family.

ok, so that's my rant and really the only negative thing i have to say about all this and i HAD to get it out there in the open.  if you are reading this and have offered this advice to me, don't worry i still love you :)

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