Tuesday, February 7, 2012

the wedding album.

this album began back before the wedding had even taken place with a single page showcasing my beautiful ring :)  i believe i shared that page somewhere on here over a year ago, but will do so again so that you can see all the completed pages together.  i am going in no particular order, just whatever page i feel like working on at the time.  here is a list of guidelines i have loosely set for myself when creating in an attempt to not make it too overwhelming.

     -use paper/ products in a blue/green/ brown/ white color scheme
     -favor natural elements over geometric ones
     -focus on the photos and the story they tell
     -include one hand sewn/ painted/ made detail on each page
     -take your time

so that's about it i guess.  i have taken over the dining room table for good and have a TON of products all laid out that generally go with the color/ nature theme i am going for.  i still have many stories to tell and pages to complete, hell i don't even have all my photos printed out and it's seven months later!  

all the pages and posts revolving around this project will be under the 'paper' link on the left sidebar.

now to get off the computer and to the scrap table on this most lovely saturday afternoon :)

 my beautiful ring and the first page in the wedding album.

 our first picture taken after getting engaged earlier that afternoon.

 i took the color palette from the butterfly paper.

 here are some of those hand-painted details i was talking about.

 not really wedding related, but i love these photos of us (and i was having a great hair day.)

 more lacy details. that wooden button is my favorite!

 mine and all of my lovely bridesmaid's bouquets.  i added paint to the swirly stamps and made hand-sewn fabric tags for the title.

 these are two of my favorite shots from that day.  there is a little story behind them in that the photographer took them but we were both in focus in both of them. so i used my creative photoshop skills to unfocus the background us.  the only thing that still bothers me is that i didn't flip one of the photos so we are both standing on the left side of the photo.  not a big deal but one of those symmetry things that drives me nuts!  

 another hand-sewn tag and my favorite letter stickers of all time that are like 8 years old!

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