Sunday, August 16, 2009

farmers market.

I absolutely LOVE Farmer's Markets...meats, cheese, freshest of veggies, good bread, is truly a way to feel connected to the community and full of life. I have yet to go this year around here ( I went in may to one in Chicago and there was only rhubarb and asparagus in season) and I went to the Ann Arbor one yesterday. We had an excellent dinner of steak, salad, corn on the cob, and fresh garlic bread...YUM! I can't wait to go in September to the Flint market to get stuff for canning recipes with Rachel in her new kitchen!!


  1. I love you!!! We should go to the one in royal oak sometime together...cause its no fun going by my lonesome :D

  2. I absolutely love a farmers' market! I try to go every week. The one by my work doesn't have any meats or cheeses but it does have two Greek food stands with feta, pita, olives, tabbouleh, and hummus:) There is one in my neighborhood on weekdays that has a cheese guy, a really great bakery and butcher and seafood trucks! Everything I buy directly from farms and farmers looks, smells and tastes a million times better than what you buy at even the nicest grocery store. My favorite fruit season is right now! Figs!!!!