Tuesday, August 18, 2009

knitted crazy quilt.

So I have decided to make a knitted crazy quilt, also known as a stash afghan. It will be a really long work in progress but one I can work on in little bits and that will be super awesome when its done!! I am going to make little swatches and pieces using materials left from other projects and then sew them together. I will post updates as I get stuff done on it...I would love to add in a few squares from other knitters I know and their scraps (Heidi :) if your interested...here are a few of my favorites I have found online!


  1. I think I could make a square or two. Sounds fun! I wish we could have a quilting circle like in olden days...

  2. HI - what ply and needle size is used in the knitted crazy quilt? cheers