Monday, October 19, 2009

autumn sister fun.

Marlana came this weekend for our annual Halloween Extravaganza!!! This always includes making cupcakes/cookies and watching Hocus Pocus, other than that the different events change depending on when we do it and what we need to do. This year we put together parts of Marlana's cheetah costume, drank apple cider, made and decorated 3 doz. cookies, went for a fall walk in the park, watched 1408 and Hocus Pocus, got flowers from Mom and Dad delivered to both of us for sweetest day, and had WAY to much sugar!!
A Luna cookie sniffing a Trixie cookies butt and Marlana's ghost hand

Flowers from Mom and Dad!

Pictures from the nature walk. I think the only one that need explanation is the blurry water shot, it is of a very fast swimming Muskrat, we saw three of them :)

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