Tuesday, October 13, 2009

new clothes.

Something I RARELY buy for myself...however since returning to full time work a little over a month ago, and with my birthday passing I have been buying new clothes like CRAZY! I realized that most of my thinks were stretched out, stained, or had a hole in them...that or they were six years old and not really fitting anymore. I decided I owed it to myself to invest a little money in myself :) It has been a great self esteem booster and I haven't bought a single item for over $20!! (except my boots, but Dave bought me those). Here is the tally so far:

Shirts: 9
Sweaters: 1
Dresses: 1
Skirts: 1
Boots: 1
Scarves: 1
Jeans: 1
Jewelry: 2
Socks: 1
Bras: 2

Here is a sneak peak, and I still have a few more goodies on my wish list :)


  1. Love the boots!!! I want to treat myself to some new goodies too!!

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