Tuesday, December 22, 2009

granny squares and blankets.

YEAH!!!! I did it, I learned to crochet!! Well at least I get the basic concept of each stitch and can make a granny square (next is circles and flowers)! So here is my first real granny square. It's a little uneven and I really didn't care for working with the cotton yarn and will go for a wool or Lion's Brand WoolEase next time, but none the less it was fun :)
I have since added my first granny square to my crazy quilt that was started many months ago. Here is a picture of it's progress so far and I love it because each square represents a project I have completed, a gift I have given , or a new skill I have learned. It is in a sense my knitting/crocheting journal that I hope will be warm and comfy. I also hope it will never stop growing and be in my family for generations to come :)

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