Wednesday, December 16, 2009

knit one, purl two.

Yea! I have started knitting again. I haven't really been into it in the last couple of months due to other crafty obligations and endeavors, but I am back! And I forgot how fun it is to be able to make useful things like bags, scarfs, hats and such. I guess I shouldn't say I totally put the needles away, I was still making a few headbands for my shows, but as far as big projects go...I had none in progress. That has all changed now that winter is here and I am inside a lot with no shows to tend to. I just finished a scarf for my mom and would like to try and make a bib for a friends baby. Here are some cool projects I found that I might like to try! Also I hope to get a 100 flowers to knit book for Christmas and I might even learn to crochet!
Make the Cut ScarfWindy City ToteSheldon Turtle (I am a sucker for the knitted animals)

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