Monday, January 4, 2010

russian nesting dolls.

I have always had a curious fascination with these dolls. From the time I was a child. I don't remember owning one, but someone in my life at that time did, and I used to love playing with it. I can't remember who owned them, or what they looked like, but since then whenever I see them in stores or art shows I am always drawn to them. Strange that I don't own any yet, but I sure the right set will find me eventually. You can find the history of these exquisite dolls here. These are some cuties I found online :) Each picture is a link to where they can be purchased.

Cutest wrapping paper EVER! I love it!!
I love the owls and these little nesties (not a real word) are no exception :)

There is not link for these cuties, but I like how each girls face is slightly different.
I am so excited for these! I didn't even know they existed until I read that Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess had found some. I can't wait to see hers and order my own! They are available on Amazon for only $16. How Fun!

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  1. I love me some nesting dolls. I have a few. My grandma had a huge one of all the Russian Tsars with Nicolas II on the outside and going back in history. I'm pretty sure that my mom set aside for me:)