Saturday, February 20, 2010

365's first DIY!

I am so excited for this! It is definitely something I am going to try and do once a month and possibly more if I have the time. Our first DIY is going to be a sand dollar pillow. Now, you can adapt this method to make flowers instead of sand dollars and you can sew them on anything your heart desires :) Here is a look at the finished product first. I wanted another decorative pillow for my bed and here is what I cam up with.

Here is what you will need:

*a piece of paper or cardboard
*a pencil
*a collection of things that are round and can be traced(cups, bowls, doll house lamps, etc)
*a sheet of felt in each color you would like to use (I used dk brown, tan, and light blue)
*a needle
*thread or embroidery floss of your choosing
*plain white throw pillow (if you are making the pillow of course, mine is from IKEA)

STEP 1: Gather your collection of round things, mine range from about 1" to 2 1/2"

STEP 2: Trace them onto your paper or cardboard.

STEP 3: Cut them out. I did six different sizes and numbered them according to size.

STEP 4: Pin your circle template to your felt and cut around it. Keep cutting various sizes of various colors until you have about 25 circles (less if you need for another project)

STEP 5: layer your cut out circles. I did some with three layers, some with two and varied the size differences.

STEP 6: Pin them to your fabric/pillow in the pattern you would like. I did the bottom left corner in a sort of triangle shape.

STEP 7: Sew them in place. I did five long stitches on each one to emulate a sand dollar, but for a flower you could do more stitches and/ or shorter ones.

STEP 8: Toss on your bed and enjoy! (the pillow next to it I made also, it is simply a square of fabric with a button in each corner)