Thursday, February 18, 2010

studio mini-makeover.

Some of you may not be familiar with my studio situation, but I live in a one bedroom apartment with my boyfriend, dog and cat. Off the living room we have a very large closet (if you were using it as such, and is what the leasing office calls it) or a very small room (such as I am using it). Now, it is about 8'x8' of space and because it is a closet it has a shelf with a hanging rod (for clothes or coats or in my case nothing because it would be in the way). Now, because it has closet status that means no windows (i.e. no natural lighting), no vents (i.e. no heat or a/c), and very poor lighting (I am working on that one). Also it serves as our computer room. So lets just say I have a fold out table for the computer, a printer stand with drawers, a 3 drawer dresser, a work table with 4 rubbermaid totes underneath and lots of boxes and baskets on shelves both provided by the closet and of my own hanging. That leaves about a 3'x3' space to move in. I am not complaining though because it has its own door and holds all of my stuff out of site :) I am merely giving a detailed description. Anyhow, not a lot of room to reorganize and makeover, but I manage. I am doing a business makeover. I am getting more serious about my art making and the business side of it and have set of a special spot for all binder/file folder related business and a product line inspiration board (MY FAVORITE PART!) So, I will share pictures soon. Feeling re-inspired by my little redo though :)

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