Thursday, February 25, 2010

cat for sale.

NAME: Trixie
AGE: 6 1/2 yrs.
WEIGHT: 9lbs
NICKNAMES: Bubbies, Crazy Face, The Trixinator, Damn Cat
PRICE: Highest Bidder (or if no one bids, I will give her to you for free)

Our time together has been great, but that is IT I can't take it anymore. The puking, scratching, up-in-my facing, chewing of strings attached to my clothing, drinking out of my water glass, knocking my stuff over, telling her to get off this and stop that. I am DONE.

*disclaimer* YES she is as crazy as she looks!

now imagine the carpet as your couch, your recliner, the top of your office chair...tempting isn't it.

new owner must despise fresh flowers, because with Trixie around they will never last anyhow.

do NOT be fooled by her angelic, snuggly appearance in this picture. That blanket will end up covered in cat hair and your pillow could be next.
and as she looks wistfully out the window and dreams of chasing birds and basking in the sunshine, you will open the door to come home with your arms full of stuff and she will dart past your feet and out the door, thus forcing you to drop your stuff and chase her or just cut your losses.

*ok, Trixie is NOT really for sale. I wouldn't trade her for the world :) but we all have our moments!*

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  1. you scared me for a moment!!!! I almost wanted to cry when I thought you were going to sell you....thank heavens this is not the case....I was going to take her