Wednesday, February 24, 2010

light box: take one.

So, one of my big goals for 365 is better photos. I cannot afford a new camera right now and I am currently working with a Canon PowerShot A630, 8.o megapixels. I am thankful that I at least have that and can usually make the best of it. However, my apartment has terrible natural light and this camera is NOT good at taking darker photos. So, I decided to construct a light box, at least to use for photographing my products. I cut the sides out of a cardboard box, covered them in tissue paper, put a piece of white poster board inside and used two shop lamps with 100watt daylight bulbs. It was very cheap to make and will be easy to improve upon. Here is a sampling of my first pictures with no Photoshop touch-ups.Pssst....this is a sneak peak of something coming to my Etsy shop in the spring, but with many more styles and colors. Shhh!

Overall, I think they are not too bad, but I think I could use one more lamp and a bigger box. Mainly, because there are still some shadows and getting the images to not be blurry was still tough (a tripod would help and that is on the wish list). If after that I am still unsatisfied with the results I am going to build one out of all white foam core board. I will keep you updated :)


  1. Hi there:
    Came across your blog from the Indie class comments. I think your pics look really great!
    Also, I love that peacock!

    (I have a peacock addiction.)


  2. Thanks, the peacock is actually a pen that someone gave me. I never use it but think it's gorgeous and keep it on a shelf in my studio :)