Sunday, February 7, 2010

my new favorite corner.

Recently Dave and I did a little dining room rearranging (which, because we live in a smallish apartment doesn't get done very often, as there are only so many spaces for things). We have had this stainless steel/wood kitchen cart since New Jersey and have never used it for sitting at. It's previous lives include food prep station, cat food station, and a place to throw a LOT of junk. We have a pot rack that has always hung above it too. We used some of our Christmas money to pick up a couple bar stools and moved the bar to the opposite wall of the dining room. Trixie's food now resides on a TV tray in the corner (can't put it on the floor or else Lou Dog will get it!), the pot rack sits above that tray and the garbage. I have forbidden anything to be left on the island like mail/cell phone chargers/other junk other than the place mats (the suede ones from Salvation Army), napkins, salt and pepper, two trivets, and an old root beer bottle with a red daisy. It is now my favorite spot in the house to sit and have coffee, read a magazine, do puzzles, and of course sit down to dinner with Dave (yea no more TV trays and eating on the couch!)

Look for daily Valentine's Dedication blog posts this week starting tomorrow :)

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