Friday, February 5, 2010

thrift heaven.

Holy Cow Wow!! I don't go thrift shopping very often but decided to hit up the Salvation Army and the Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop (both around the corner from where I work) today and I found the BEST STUFF!!! I am still on a high from what I found! I had to stop myself after my arms were full and at the PTO I went back for a cart :) I found that the Salvation Army can be kind of overpriced for used stuff (example: I saw a small table that I have that I got from Target about 7 years ago, and they wanted $25 for it and I only paid $19.99 NEW at Target) and the PTO shop has a GREAT selection of craft items. So here is what I found!!!!

My Salvation Army loot...only things without close-ups below are maroon yarn and a blue flowered pillow case (not for my pillow, but to reuse the fabric), and two yellow suede placemats.

My little pirate bird painting! Putting this in my studio, measures about 8x8.

Chicken soup mug, complete with recipe :)

Not sure what these originally were but I loved the embroidery and will find some use for them!

70's retro Trivet! I had another one from a garage sale that was mosaic and broke, so this is a great replacement, and in better condition.

All the rest of the items are from PTO shop.

Super cute t-shirt, not to wear but to cut out the graphics and sew onto something else, maybe a tank top or onsie :)

Cool old wine cork remover ( I have a small collection of old kitchen utensils that started with some from my Grammy, I have no where to display them yet :( Oh, this was $.30!!

A sturdy clay pot for spring planting!

Small embroidered wall hanging. I don't care for the lace around it and will probably deconstruct the whole thing and use the embroidery on something else.
Crafty supplies including: embroidery hoop, buttons, orange trimming, lace trimming, and 4 random leather samples to be sewn into cute little purses :)

OK this one is the BEST!! It is a vintage (circa 1978) Greenhouse collection of cards for different plants and gardening information. The collection is complete and in excellent condition!! Oh and I only paid $1.00 for it, yes $1.00!!!!!

Over 750 cards!!!!

A close up of a card, Parsley :)

And so that is all of my new loot, and the grand total for everything...all 20 items (780 if you count all the cards seperate :)......drumroll please....... $23.56!!!

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