Friday, April 30, 2010

never give it up.

Now, I am not much on material goods, and most things in my home (aside from photos and family heirlooms) I could live without. However, there is one thing that I don't think I will ever sell, give away, or even store in a box in the garage or basement. Do any of you have something in your home, that has no other meaning other than you really really LOVE it? and you just can't live without it? For me it is a set of vintage lamps that I found sitting outside a dumpster the day we were moving into our New Jersey apartment. There they were just sitting on the ground. A pair of two foot tall towers of glass, unscratched and unbroken. My first thought was "I don't care if these lamps work or not, I WANT them!!". So, we brought them in, cleaned off the dust, dug through a box to find two light bulbs and waited for the moment of truth....and....they worked!!! Perfectly! I was in heaven. They went on top of the book case as soon as we got it put together, and they have lived there every since :) I would like to find a new place in my home for them, to give them new light...but for now, the only spot with enough room is the bookcase in the living room. Lamps, I love you!

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