Sunday, May 2, 2010

family time and flint handmade.

This is where I spent a majority of my yesterday :) It was my first show of the season and I got to test out my new displays. However, I forgot my camera (GASP!) and have no pictures but promise to get some next weekend. It is always inspiring and motivating to be around a bunch of other artists and I love to support the home town. Next Sunday I will be at the Kerrytown Artisan Market!

Had a nice weekend filled with lots of family time. Board games, home cooked dinners, and breakfasts out. Snuggles and naps and playing with Lou in the backyard. I have a busy summer coming up, so it was nice to get in some quality relax time while I still had the chance :) Now I am off to do some relaxing around my place interspersed with a bit of Etsy updates, so keep an eye out for those. I will post tonight with some product pictures. Happy Sunday!

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  1. so proud/happy for you!!!!