Sunday, March 28, 2010

this week I will...

--keep up with my indie biz lessons and be more active in the forums
--add my new vintage finds in my etsy shop
--add two more pairs of earrings, new pins, and new headbands to my etsy shop
--apply for the Detroit Maker's Faire coming in July
--share a post that shares a little more about me
--share a post on collections of mine
--get a blood test
--make sloppy joes (a favorite of mine I haven't had in a while)
--go to my parent's on Friday for Easter weekend
--create a scrapbook page and share it with all of you
--not eat fast food
--take a few self portraits
--start my lime green cherry tomato seedings
--spend some quality time with Dave because after this week we won't see each other for two weeks.

What are you doing this week? Any fun projects, good dinners, big plans?

I did not add this to my golden book post because it is one I hadn't heard of or read, but isn't it the cutest little cover?! That cottage is to die for and is very inspiring to me right now :)


  1. this week:
    - seeing beach house @ metro
    - spartan basketball on saturday
    - gf's birthday on easter sunday!

  2. I'm hoping to pin down my future sister-in-law and make her pick out fabrics with me so I can start working on my daughter's flower girl dress.

    Oh, and I gave you a shout out on my blog today. :)