Thursday, April 1, 2010

it feels so good...

to have my hands in the dirt!! I dumped all the old dirt from the pots on my patio and much to my surprise the chives were already coming back up :) I am so excited for this season of gardening and tonight I planted my tomato seedlings and can't wait to see what happens!!

my favorite planter is an old thrifted bucket

my tomato seed packets and peat discs that inflated in water to plant them in, oh and the plastic green house it came with

this variety of tomato will eventually end up in my Dad's garden. It is meant to be harvested in the fall, then saved in a cool dry place (much like a root veggie) until December or January, which is when I am really fiending for a fresh garden tomato...cross your fingers that it works :)

these small green cherry tomatoes will find their way to my porch and have a short growth time...hope they are yummy!

the chives that are coming up on their own!

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