Thursday, April 1, 2010

random facts.

I promised to share some things about myself this week so I am doing a 25 random things post. If you have any other cool surveys/interviews/about me fill ins please let me know where to find it and I will do another post next week. Enjoy :)

1. I LOVE bacon, I mean who doesn't but I really, really do (am actually cooking some as I type!)
2. I have seen more movies than I can count and do not retain information from them.
3. I sleep on my right side with 3 pillows.
4. I don't respond well to routines.
5. Can't throw a ball to save my life.
6. I am Detroit Lions fan, despite there ghastly record.
7. I have lived with my boyfriend since the week we met.
8. I HATE to dust.
9. I drive a white Grand Prix in which none of the windows go down.
10. I own over 50 colors of eyeshadow (obsessed much!)
11. Green is my favorite color to wear.
12. I eat a tomato a day, maybe more in the summer.
13. I have a degree in Interior Design/Art History
14. My favorite flowers are peonies.
15. I have recently become a morning person, and rarely stay up past midnight.
16. I want three kids.
17. I do not like getting water in my face.
18. I self taught myself to knit, crochet, use photoshop, and design my blog.
19. I still want to live in Chicago for a bit of my life someday.
20. I never paint my nails.
21. I want a pet turtle.
22. My sister and I pretend we are twins in public sometimes :)
23. I have worn jeans everyday this winter I think.
24. I miss my Grammy everyday.
25. I am really happy and content with my life right now :)

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