Saturday, May 29, 2010

planet grow.

garden is everyone's doing? we went from rainy 60 something degree days straight to 85 degree summer ones here in Michigan and it seems many of the plants have shot up or produced some fruit over night. I ate my first strawberry off the vine this week, sweet and juicy!! I am getting ready to harvest my first round of radishes, have already eaten my first salad with fresh lettuce and herbs, and have staked my tomato plants :) below are some links I have found helpful this gardening season and hope you will check them out. happy gardening :)

backyard gardener
vegetable gardening guru
baker creek heirloom seeds
gardener's supply co.
national gardening association
container gardening guide

well somehow I still have not managed to get pictures of my garden plot...I can't seem to remember the camera...hopefully next week. Until then here are some pretty flowers :)

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  1. any suggestions for those of us in apartments with no direct sun? Our patio faces almost exactly due north, so we get about an hour of direct sun in one tiny tiny corner every morning. Any idea what we could grow?