Saturday, July 3, 2010

happy 200th post.

that's right, this is my 200th post!!! surprisingly I have nothing that special to post about, but I do want to thank all my lovely readers for their wonderful comments and support :) I signed on to blog about a picture I completed today for my sister to give to her boyfriend, without realizing this would be my 200th post, so I am just going to go ahead with my original plan.

here is the picture I did for her :) I love it and haven't done a fish in a while so it was super fun! I used pantone markers, Derwent watercolor pencils, pen, and white paint. It measures 11" x 14", so the whole thing wouldn't fit on my scanner. there is more water at the bottom and there is no shadow around the edge. I am looking forward to trying some more fish, and would like to do a small butterfly series soon!!

don't forget to enter the take a walk tuesday giveaway if you haven't already. the drawing will be this coming wednesday :)


  1. Lovely sword fish Danielle. It looks a whole lot better than the stuffed one still in my basement that was Dave's Grandpop's catch!

  2. Wow! Congrats on 200 posts. (I just hit 2 the other day, haha. I have a ways go to.)