Thursday, July 1, 2010

is it july already.

yes it is. and by now summer should be well under way for all of you. I have been fully taking advantage of summer this year. I have been camping three times, my garden is flourishing, I am eating a TON of fresh veggies, fruit and grilled food, and I am taking in all the inspiration for some upcoming products and threesixfive's first class, tour de summer (click on the image to the left for details :) So, here are some things you can look forward to on 365 this month!!

--a trip to the Farmer's Market
--4th of July cookout and fireworks
--paper mache DIY for kids (I am SO excited to do this!)
--garden updates of course
--summer accessories
--take a walk tuesdays
--registration begins for tour de summer
--Mitten Made show July 23-24
--Maker's Faire July 31- Aug 1
--the announcement of a fun new venture I am taking on

be sure to join us this month for all the summer fun!! what are all of you doing to fully take advantage of summer so far??

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