Wednesday, September 22, 2010

100 uses for a pencil.

this exercise is out of Living Out Loud by Keri Smith
try to get to 100 and come up with as many uses as you can for a pencil.
1. playing fetch with my dog
2. picking my nose
3. back scratcher
4. writing a story
5. drawing a self portrait
6. hair stick
7. chew toy
8. ruler
9. drumsticks
10. pointer
11. plug a leak
12. kindling
13. eraser
14. stress reliever (if you break it)
15. peace offering to a beaver (if you ever find yourself in a feud with one)
16. burn, then use the ash to draw
17. hole puncher
18. clean your ear (this is not safe)
19. weapon
20. a birthday gift
21. notch it, like a bedpost
22. spin the pencil (instead of spin the bottle)
23. a prize
24. to curl paper
25. hold up a plant
26. play catch with
27. compost (this may take a while)
28. knitting needles
29. chopsticks
30. pick-up sticks
31. shim
32. unclog drain (maybe?)
33. eyeliner (not sure how hygenic that would be)
34. sculpture

So...the goal was 100, and this is what I have come up with so far :) I will add more as I think of them. Any of you have any creative uses for a pencil? I'd love to hear them and will add them to the list w/ your name!!

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  1. haha this is cute. i liked "picking your nose." very creative :) hehe

    this reminds me of a time in 5th grade where we had to say one nice thing to everyone in our group. it came to this boy's turn to say something about me and he said, "Ummm.. i like your pencil." because he couldn't thing of anything nice to say about me personally. lol at the time i was sad, but looking back on it, i find it funny. :P