Wednesday, September 22, 2010

cooking more.

this is one of the things I feel like I have gotten away from. specifically trying new recipes and techniques. my cooking, like my art, is in a rut. it's all chicken breasts, pasta, and salad, which I love, but could use a taste of something new. so here is what I have decided to do in an effort to rejuvenate this area of my life.

I loved the book and the movie Julie and Julia. the whole notion of cooking your way completely through a cookbook, leaving no recipe unturned, no matter your tastes sounds like an excellent adventure to me!! however, Mastering the art of French Cooking is not my answer. I wanted to start with something less daunting with simple recipes that I could work through in the course of a month or so. below is my solution.

I chose this because the recipes use simple, fresh ingredients. the recipes can be completed in 30-90 min in most cases. I have a TON of these magazines in my cupboard. they can be picked out seasonally so I can get the freshed produce for a good price and stay in tune with the seasons. here is a list of the recipes I plan to complete. I think I want to scan in each page/recipe then add a photo of my own finished product. there is no time limit. I may do five in one week, then none the next. and I am not limiting myself to doing them in order. simply to complete the magazine.

chicken tenders parmesan w/ penne and broccoli
mashed sweet potatoes
baked sweet potatoes
moroccan chicken stew w/ sweet potatoes
watercress salad w/ roasted sweet potatoes
sweet potato souffle
lighter chicken pot pie
meatloaf three ways: bacon/cheddar/onions
pear and honey oatmeal
blt to go
crunchy caramel corn
pappardelle w/ sauteed scallops and peas
amaretto cocktails and goat cheese stuffed mushrooms
muenster, turkey, apple quesadillas w/ halloween salad
mediterranean tuna noodle casserole
cinnamon applesauce
baked ziti w/ crunchy italian salad and garlic bread
stuffed chicken breast and roasted broccoli
country fried steak w/ green beans and rice
pork tenderloin w/ sauteed apples and leeks
vegetarian black bean chili
porcini and parmesan risotto
spice rubbed chicken w/ hominy saute
coconut and beef curry w/ noodles
salmon w/ wasabi sauce and baby bok choy
braised short ribs
sauteed broccoli rabe w/ garlic
creamy polenta w/ thyme
roasted pears w/ amaretti cookies
apple crisp
banana raisin bread pudding
warm almond cherry cake
chocolate pudding cake
cheddar masked potatoes
peas w/ bacon
brown sugar glazed carrots
quick stewed tomatoes
sauteed collard greens with raisins
minestrone w/ collard greens and white beans
braised collard greens
baked eggs w/ croutons and onion
spiced prune cake
lolllipop cookies

WOW Danielle!! that sure seems like a lot! won't this up your stress level and make you feel like you have more things to do?! you may be asking. but, in reality it will not. with no time limit and a whole list of things to make without going through multiple recipe books/cards it should be a breeze. and also a lot of fun I hope :) any guesses on how long it will take me?


  1. I can't wait to hear some of your reviews. I loved Julie & Julia too and have thought of doing the same thing, but like you, it seems daunting. Working through one magazine is smart! Good luck!

  2. I definitely need some new recipes .... Can't wait to hear how yours turn out ...

  3. I am planning on cooking my first recipe tomorrow, also not on the list but I am making fresh mozzarella tonight and will share that in a post tomorrow as well :)

  4. a lot of sweet potato recipes...yumm :)