Tuesday, September 21, 2010

stale as a loaf of week old bread.

that is how I have been feeling lately. what does that mean exactly? it means there are things I enjoy doing that I am no longer getting to do. creative energy that needs to be rejuvinated and retapped and then actually put to use. ideas that are growing old. why am I sharing these feelings? because I have decided that certain aspects of 365 (i.e. my blog and etsy shop) are suffering and I want to explain why, and hopefully in doing so will be able to push through this lull and come out a shining, inspired, creative individual. so excuse me if this sounds negative, it is not meant to. it is just meant to be the truth and some free thinking if I may. so yes it may sound a bit unorganized and rambling, but perhaps in the end it will help in sorting my brain out :)
first, a list of current projects I am trying to work on or am toying with working on soon:

urban folk art
working 30+ hours a week as a nanny
my wedding
365 blog
work for a holiday consignment shop
a piece of artwork for a friends home
custom painted glasses for a friends wedding
a baby blanket for my cousin
a possible piece of artwork for my friends new baby's room
365 etsy shop
my book (that is now over 2 yrs in the making)

second, things that I would like to do more of or miss doing because for whatever reason I have fallen out of the habit of doing them:

scrapbooking, especially with the wedding coming
cooking new recipes and planning meals
cute photoshoots
eating healthier and exercising, even if it is a minimal amount
reading blogs
having a routine/schedule
everyday life photos

so now the question becomes, what to do about all of this? my plate is WAY WAY too full and I am going to need to cut out/ tone down some of what I am doing or at least have a schedule for it so I don't always feel like I have 20 things I should be doing, which in turn makes me want to do nothing and then I sit and read a magazine and snack on food! it is all about finding some better balance. I had that for a good while and with the addition of a possible new career path and a wedding to plan it somehow has gotten thrown way off. I need to get this back and have been trying for a few weeks now. you have probably noticed this in my less frequent, less inspired posts and my few mentions of trying to sort this whole thing out.

I need a plan. a way to get rid of the stale, crusty bread that is my brain and replace it with something fresh and warm that is inviting and appealing. I am working on the plan. when I figure something out I will let you know.

for now I am going to turn my blog into a daily journal of sorts. meaning all special/ weekly posts will be put on hold and I will concentrate on just sharing my day. both in words and photos. and maybe from simply doing that some assemblance of balance and inspiration will come :)

thank you to all my readers, I always read your comments and I want to work hard to bring 365 back up to my creative standards!!

creatively yours,

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  1. we painted our bedroom a light blue/gray and i finished the dresser drawers (white). take your time on the art for us :) we don't mind one bit!!