Monday, September 20, 2010

what a week.

was my last post really last Tuesday?! WOW! I know I have been busy, but I swear I had squeezed in one other post. oh well, I guess that goes with the whole planning a wedding and starting a new business territory :) anyhow I did a LOT of things in the past few days. I went dress shopping again and think I have it narrowed down to 3 dresses for myself. there is a sale that ends Sept. 27 so I am forced to make a decision by then. I also got some bridesmaid/groomsmen stuff nailed down. I am working on a separate blog for the wedding, which I will be debuting after I send my save-the-dates out this week.

Here is something else I did this weekend!!

I was super excited to get to see them in concert and it was a great show!! I went with my sister and we had tons of fun :) any other Sugarland fans out there?

I am not nearly as busy this week, so look for more posts. hope you all had a great weekend!!

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