Monday, October 18, 2010

3 tires changed in 2 days.

friday morning: I wake up early to take Dave to the airport at about 6:30. I then return home and snuggle back into be until around 9. Ten o'clock rolls around and it's time to leave for work. I get into the car, start it up, and back out of my parking spot. thwump, thwump, thwump. hmm, something sounds off, sure hope its not a flat. sure enough it is. I put on the donut and proceed to drive to work.
sunday morning: Because I was headed out of town and had no time to fix my tire I take my fiancees truck. ready to go pick up Chinese food and icecream for the football game I head outside. hmm, the truck looks lopsided. I walk around the vehicle to inspect. of course it's another flat tire. no jack to fix this one, guess I will call Dad. he's up north and will be here to help at 8pm. we change the tire in the dark and it takes about an hour.
monday afternoon: I finally have a chance to take my car and go get my tire fixed. it is unfixable as the nail is much too large. so I get a used tire. they want to charge me extra to put it on. I decline the offer and save $10 figuring I am now a pro at changing tires and can put that baby on in no time. so, I drive home and that is exactly what I do.
note: whoever keeps dumping boxes of nails around the apartment complex...could you please stop!! please!

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  1. love you for being able to change your own tires! yeah, girl!!! -linds