Thursday, March 31, 2011

back into blogging.

hello readers. it's me again, re-entering the world of blogging. i have come to notice that this is something that comes and goes for me. i blog for a solid 6-12 mos. then feel the need to turn my focus elsewhere, only to find myself a few months later longing to blog again. so i have given my blog a fresh, clean, new look and focus. i am excited to share with you, here is what you will find. let me know what you think of the new look :)

grow: my adventures in gardening this year now that i have a house. photos of plants i find on the road and my attempt to identify each and everyone.

eat: recipes and yummy treats, much like my previous blog posts.

create: all things creative and projects i am working on or planning to work on.

live: home decor ideas, links, and inspiration. details of fun little make-overs i have planned for my new abode.

take a walk: every tuesday you can find a series of photos i have been doing for a while now called talk a walk. which is exactly what it sounds like, me taking a walk outside and photographing what i see.

studio 365: a once a month segment dedicated to a how-to projects, complete with printable pdf instructions.

inspiration: anything i find particularly inspiring on the web, in person or otherwise.

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  1. glad you're blogging again! - Lindsey